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We work closely with individual organisations to design creative interventions that shift culture and practice by helping them to think of people as Citizens first and foremost.

"Working with NCP helped us learn about the importance and power of the consumer-citizen shift. It inspired and motivated us to do more, and more tangibly it catalysed a programme of work over the past 5 or so"

Previous collaborative innovation client


We bring together different organisations around a shared question to explore what more authentic participation would look like in their specific sector.

These projects generally result in an output that others in the sector can work with and develop to help the ideas spread further and take hold.

We hold regular bootcamps and training sessions to equip representatives of all types of organisation to progress their work through our ideas and tools.

You can register interest in our future training opportunities to be the first to find out about upcoming sessions, including our regular Citizen Quests.

"It was well-run, engaging and I enjoyed the  group aspects. It was a great, well-thought-out way of developing ideas and I wish all organisations could work like this!"
Recent training participant


We look at organisations and sectors through the lens of three stories: Subject, Consumer and Citizen - and ask where they started, where they are now, and what it might look like to step fully into the Citizen story.

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We live in a time when big decisions are piling up all around us, globally, nationally, locally, and even inside organisations. At the same time, trust in institutions and leaders - and especially in elected representatives - is falling through the floor.

We need a new way forward. The New Citizen Project team has been working over the last four years to develop and test a framework we call RAPID Democracy in response to this challenge.

We help organisations do things better and do better things because we think of  people differently... participants in causes 
 not just consumers of products.

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