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A toolkit for the cooperative movement

As co-operatives and community businesses,

we are fundamentally participatory organisations. It's in our DNA. 

Since 2017 New Citizenship Project (NCP) have been working with four leading organisations to explore the Future of the Co-operative Movement, and more specifically what true participatory membership could look like. Following a eight-month process with The Co-op Group, Nationwide, Lincolnshire Co-op and Phone Co-op, and supported by Co-operatives UK, NCP have designed and developed an Everyday Participation toolkit, which was launched in March 2018. Outlining the Seven Modes of Everyday Participation, and offering case study examples and idea generation prompts, this toolkit aims to help organisations harness Everyday Participation with members - whether they are customers, workers or both -  offering them simple but significant ways to contribute on a day-to-day basis.


Get in touch for details of any upcoming trainings on 

Everyday Participation.

Designed for everyone who works on membership - whether in marketing, people or strategy teams - at co-operatives of all shapes and sizes, this toolkit will introduce the concept of Everyday Participation, and help you start harnessing it for the benefit of your organisation. 

Our full day training bootcamps on Everyday Participation and the Seven Modes have been designed to equip you with ideas on how to build member loyalty and engagement and really harness the participation of your members. Watch this space for further details. 

Bespoke Training


If you are interested in bespoke training for your organisation please get in touch.

We can deliver bespoke training for your organisation, including:

  • Lunchtime talks

  • Bespoke workshops

  • Collaborative Innovation Projects

Get in touch to discuss this further. 


Great experience and eye-opener. Provided the vision and support needed in order to make it clear the direction that the co-operative movement needs to go.

The Co-op Group

Taking part in this project gave use the renewed focus and confidence that participation is the key to building a thriving membership and as a mutual society is still core to our purpose.


Along with rolling out our new purpose and approach, we are really starting to consider 'everyday participation' as a means to delivering 'bringing together ideas, energy and resources to make life better in our communities'.

Lincolnshire Co-op

Powered by the New Citizenship Project

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